Elizabeth Williams 1810 - Aft. 1850

a biography

Elizabeth WILLIAMS was born about 1810 in Overton County, Tennessee to Samuel WILLIAMS and Clarissa GORE. Elizabeth died after 1850 in Benton County, Arkansas. About 1827 she married Dioclesian JACKSON who was born in 1807 in Anderson County, Tennessee and died 1843 in Benton County, Arkansas. Together they had at least 4 children.

  • Anderson JACKSON 1829 - 1850 who married Elizabeth Jane UNDERWOOD
  • Amanda JACKSON 1831 - unk
  • Elizabeth Miriam JACKSON 1832 - 1863 who married Amos Chitwood CONDREY
  • Elizabeth Jane JACKSON 1835 - 1863

Elizabeth married 2nd, about 1844, William "Wade" H FARMER 1818 - 1907. They had at least 3 children

  • William David FARMER 1845 - 1918 who married Mary Frances REDWINE
  • Ambrose FARMER 1847 - 1849
  • Frances Julia FARMER 1849 - 1931 who married Green Washington FIELDS

Elizabeth is elusive as there is not much documentary evidence concerning her identity. Circumstantial evidence indicates that she was the daughter of Samuel WILLIAMS. The Williams and Jackson families were in close association both in Overton County, Tennessee and in Benton County, Arkansas. In fact there is a Williams and Jackson cemetery at Osage Mills, Benton County, Arkansas.

Dioclesian JACKSON - 1st husband of Elizabeth - named Samuel WILLIAMS as executor of his estate indicating a close association, namely father-in-law. Elizabeth was the second wife of Dioclesian.

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