Biography of Abiel TRIPP 1653-1684

Born in 1653 in Portsmouth, Newport County, RI, Abiel Tripp, fourth son of John Tripp, was admitted Freeman of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation in 1679 just after his father's death. That same year he was appointed Surveyer of Cattle of Portsmouth, an office his father held many times. More importantly, for the purposes of this work, he married Deliverance Hall, 30 Jan 1679.

With his career fairly launched, with a new wife and presumably with high hopes for a prosperous future, Abiel Tripp reappears in the early records 16 May 1682 voting. Two years later, his heir, Abiel Tripp, was born 22 Jun 1684. But a promising future was shattered when Abiel (the senior) died 10 Sep 1684, at the age of thirty-one, leaving a young widow and infant son of three months age.

Prior to his death, Abiel had an interest in the land (part of the Dartmouth Purchase from John Alden) conveyed by his father John Tripp to his sons in 1665. The area is located north of the old central village about 2 miles near Kirby' Corner south of the main highway near the Noquochoke River. Lawton's, Wilcox's and Waite's also settle in this area.

After, Abiel's death, Deliverance Hall Tripp remarried to Thomas Durfee. Abiel, the junior, inherited several financial interests one, of which, was the rights to operate Tripp's Ferry and Wharf. Abiel, the senior, had received permission to finish the ferry wharf 19 Dec 1682 two years before his death. There were other competing ferrys but Tripp's Ferry was most fortunately located. During Abiel, the junior's, minority the ferry was operated by Durfee and John Borden. By 1698, the conflicts had risen to the point requiring a special act of the general assembly known as the "Liberty of the Ferry". In 1698, Thomas Durfee petitions for control of the ferry serving Aquidneck and Bristol and the "rights" to this important water communication were confirmed upon Abiel, the junior.

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The name "Abiel" is of biblical origin and means My Father is the Lord. It was used commonly by early Puritans and Quakers but is now rare.