Elizabeth FIELDS aka "Betsy"

A biography

Elizabeth FIELDS (aka "Betsy") was born about 1822 in Santa Fe, Maury County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of John FIELDS, the War of 1812 veteran, and John's first wife, name unknown. On Christmas Eve of 1830, 24 Dec 1830, she married William F. FITZGERALD, the son of James FITZGERALD and Frances HANKS. William F. FITZGERALD was a nephew of Nathaniel King FITZGERALD, who married Elizabeth's sister, Margaret FIELDS, 18 Aug 1831. Thus the brothers-in-law were also nephew and uncle to one another.

In the winter of 1851, the family removed to Anderson County, Texas along with two of William's half brothers, Amos and Edmond Fitzgerald, and Elizabeth's half-brother, James Fitzgerald FIELDS and his wife Sarah Josephine SOUTHERN-FIELDS, and other relatives from Maury County. They settled in the old Plentitude area. In the 1860 Anderson County, TX Federal Census, Elizabeth and William reside in dwelling 769 and James Fitzgerald FIELDS resides in dwelling 775 without his wife Sarah, who died in 1853 at the age of 33 years. Nearby, in dwelling 771, lived Joicy HANKS-FITZGERALD and her husband William Akers FITZGERALD who was William F Fitzgerald's 2nd cousin 1 time removed.

Elizabeth and William had six known children:

  • Parthena FITZGERALD who married a Mr. Loudon or Louder
  • Margaret FITZGERALD whose husband is unknown. They had a daughter named Rose.
  • William FITZGERALD who married Sarah Ann WALLACE (also widow of Mr. Wilkinson)

Elizabeth FIELDS-FITZGERALD died in 1867 at Concord, Anderson County, Texas. Her place of burial is currently unknown.

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