T he Fields family can be traced from North Carolina from 1790 to Maury County, Tennessee where they settled before 1818 at Santa Fe, a hamlet on Snow Creek. The most likey (but unproven) migration route was probably from Pennsylvania down the Great Wagon Road to the piedmont of Virginia, then to North Carolina and eventually west through the Cumberland Gap to middle Tennessee.

There is a Davie Fields listed in the tax rolls of Pittsylvania County, VA 1767 who may be related. They Fields may have lived in Kentucky prior to Tennessee.

This Field or Fields family is not identified in the Field Genealogy by Frederick Clifton Pierce. No connection has been made to the family of the Revolutionary War veteran Nathaniel Fields, nor to the Culpeper Field family of Virginia, nor to the Loyalist Field family of Guilford County, North Carolina. Making such a connection is difficult due to lost or destroyed census information and courthouse records.

By 1850, one branch of the Fields family remained in Middle Tennessee. Later, one branch resided in Missouri in 1860 and then Arkansas. By 1870 two branchs of the Fields family were in Texas (Anderson County, Jack County, Navarro County).

The Fields family are of Celtic descent, per DNA test, and most likely came to America prior to the Revolutionary War from the United Kingdom.

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