A Mother’s WWII Memory Book

A Journal (1941 – 1960) by Mary Louisa Tripp-Fields

• Forward •

During World War II, Mary Tripp-Fields had five sons serving in the armed forces. One son was awarded the Bronze Star. Another son was killed in action during the Battle of the Ardennes ( Battle of the Bulge). Her journal is largely about the movements of her boys and, of course, her continual worry about them seeps through her words. At times, it seems, one stands in her footsteps as she records sporadically, on scraps of paper, the events of the day and, above all, listens for news from the front on the radio. - Mark Fields, a descendant.


This is an incomplete record of events [that] I have written here to be of some interest to o thers, giving an idea of what happened during the war days. So here goes: Oct 16, 1940 – All between 21 years and 35 registered. So, LESLIE FIELDS was the oldest to register. The war began on his birthday and he was 33 years of age when he registered. EDWIN FIELDS aged 31, and BOB FIELDS, aged 24. We were not at war, but these boys were to take 12 months training in the US Army, preparatory in [ the] event we were to become involved. A song was written and sung: “I’ll Be Back In A Year, Little Darlin’”, and how I hated the song for I felt sure we would be forced to enter the war eventually. Read this thing backward, if you please, for I have written it at random. - Mary Louisa Tripp-Fields


BOB FIELDS enlists April 26, 1941 on VIOLET’S FIELDS birthday. [He] is examined May 2 [1941]. ROBERT WAYNE FIELDS goes to Dallas May 5th. [He] is inducted in the army [and] is sent to Ft Sill, Okla, a short time there and is transferred to Ft Leonard Wood, Mo. BOB goes to La. For maneuvers and is sent to Camp Little Rock, Ark. BOB FIELDS comes home Nov 1st. furlough for 13 days. BOB goes back to Camp Robinson Nov 13. He sees all of the family. Sis [DORIS FIELDS KINCAID] is here.

December 7, 1941

Japan bombs Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941. LESLIE FIELDS is with us and hears the broadcasts.

December 8, 1941

US declares war on Japan, Germany and Italy. So the holocaust strikes our own nation. BOB FIELDS is sent from Camp Robinson to California, Christmas times.

January 9, 1941 – February 9, 1941

LESLIE FIELDS goes to Graham [ Texas]. Reports at recruiting station for service in army again. Goes to Dallas [ Texas] Jan 10th. Is sent to Camp Wolters and is sent back this same [illegible]. LESLIE FIELDS came home Jan 17th and again Jan 25th. BOB FIELDS came home Feb 4th and goes by bus to California Feb 9. LESLIE FIELDS is transferred to Camp Blanding, Fla [ Florida] and BOB FIELDS is sent to Canada. [He] is on the highway work building highway to Alaska. [It is] being built for war purposes.

May 18, 1941 – June 13, 1941

EDWIN FIELDS goes to camp, Camp Wolters [ then] May 31st [he] is sent to Camp Hood, Oryell County [ Texas] [ then] on to [illegible] Creek. EDWIN’s serial number 38115278. EDWIN FIELDS comes home June 6th. EDWIN FIELDS comes home June 13th.

June 13, 1941

News come[s] [that] BOB FIELDS is in [ the] hospital somewhere in Canada. [He] has yellow jaundice [hepatitis].

June 20, 1941

GLEN FIELDS [was] called for military service. [He] is examined June 22, 1941 and is sent to Camp Wolters.

June 22, 1941

[I] receive[d] [a] letter from Kansas City that [ they] cannot get information about BOB FIELDS. But [I] get a letter from his lieutenant stating [that] BOB is getting well. EDWIN FIELDS comes home June 20th [and] returns June 21st. GLEN FIELDS serial number 381170[illegible].

July 14, 1941

A letter [came] from GLEN FIELDS. He is at Camp Lee, Va. & letter from LESLIE FIELDS the 14th. He is at Dilworth N.C. EDWIN FIELDS came home June 27th.

September 25, 1941

BOB FIELDS goes to Ft Worth en-route to Camp in Oregon. We hope he will not have to go overseas.

No date

BOB FIELDS enlists April 26, 1941, on VIOLET FIELDS birthday. Examined: May 2, 1941. ROBERT WAYNE FIELDS goes to Dallas May 5th. Is inducted in the army. Is sent to Ft Sill, Okla. a short time there and is transferred to Ft Leonard Wood, Mo. BOB FIELDS goes to La. For maneuvers and is sent to Camp Little Rock, Ark. BOB FIELDS comes home Nov 1st, furloughed for 13 days. BOB FIELDS goes back to Camp Robinson Nov 13. He sees all of the family. Sis is here.

September 1942

BOB FIELDS comes in at 4am from Oregon where his is now stationed

December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor bombed 7:41am. We heard first report that came over the air announcing the climax of all events happening before that. And this we know was the end of all efforts being made to keep out of the war.

No date

LESLIE FIELDS is discharged Dec 1, 1941. Those over 28 years were entitled to discharge as we were not at war. But he is subject to recall. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941. Leslie is with us and hears the broadcast. Dec 8: US declares war on Japan, Germany & Italy. So the holocaust strikes our own nation, BOB FIELDS is sent to California, Christmastimes. Jan 9th: LESLIE FIELDS goes to Graham. Reports at recruiting station for service in army again. Goes to Dallas, Jan 17th and again Jan 25th.

February 9, 1942

BOB FIELDS came home February 4th and goes by bus to California Feb 9. LESLIE FIELDS is transferred to Camp Blanding, Fla. And BOB FIELDS is sent to Canada. [He] is on the highway work building [ the] highway to Alaska for war purposes. EDWIN FIELDS goes to camp May 18, 1942. [He] is sent to Camp Hood after being in Camp Wolters about 2 weeks. [ Camp Hood is] in Coryell County on Cow Creek. His serial number [is] 38115278. EDWIN FIELDS comes home June 6 [and] returns June 7. Again June 13 [and?] June 14.

May 5, 1942

Corregidor falls. Not know how many of our boys are there but HENRY KING & HESTON COOK are supposed to be there from Bryson. Battle in Coral Sea: Japs reported fleeing from Allies. MCARTHUR says they will strike again but it s one great victory for Allies.

July 14, 1942 – September 26, 1942

GLEN FIELDS serial number 381.17048. July 14th: Letter from GLEN FIELDS. He is at Camp Lee, Va,. A letter from LESLIE FIELDS, July 14, 1942: his is at Dilworth N.C. EDWIN FIELDS came home June 27, 1942. EDWIN FIELDS came home July 11, 1942. August 8, 1942: EDWIN comes home at midnight. [On the] 9th [he goes] back to camp.

July 1942

Pvt. GUY L FIELDS serial no. 38228709. L. J. Merk, Captain Inf. GUY FIELDS is examined at Graham [ Texas] July 31. GUY is examined again Sept. 19th. [He] is inducted [and] comes home to wait until Oct. 3.

July 1942

GUY FIELDS is examined at Graham July 31, 1942. GUY FIELDS is examined again September 19, 1942. [He] is inducted. [He] comes home to wait until October 3, 1942. Serial number 38228709. L. J. Merk, Capt Inf. GUY FIELDS goes to Camp Wolters [and] stays nearly two weeks then goes to Camp Joseph Robinson, Little Rock, Ark.

Aug 8, 1942

EDWIN FIELDS come home at midnight.

August 9, 1942

EDWIN FIELDS goes back to camp.

August 12, 1942

Letter from LESLIE FIELDS says he will go to Massachusetts. EDWIN FIELDS comes home August 22 [nd]. [He] goes back August 23rd.

August 22-23, 1942

EDWIN FIELDS comes home Aug 22nd – back 23rd.

August 24, 1942

Attend scrap rally at Bryson. At 8:45 am [I am] presented with Emblem Pin of Honor, with 4 stars. W.J. EATHERLY was chosen Chief Executive to present the pin. RAYMOND GWALTRIEY made a talk [and] put EDWIN FIELDS picture in show window.

August 29-30, 1942

EDWIN FIELDS comes home. [He went] back August 30, 1942.

August 1942

During the Revolutionary War, Washington was termed “The Sword”, Jefferson “The Pen” and Patrick Henry, “The Tongue”. The quotation, “we have met the enemy and they are ours”, was sent by PERRY. America is reported to be on 32 fronts in present war. Aug 25, 1942: Report that Duck of Kent, youngest bro ther of King George [of] England crashed in Scotland and [was] killed.

August 24, 1942

[I] attend [ the] scrap rally at Bryson [ Texas]. At 8:45 I am presented with [ the] Emblem Pin of Honor with 4 stars. W. J. EATHERLY was chosen chief executive to present [ the] pin. RAYMOND GWALTNEC made a talk. [They] put EDWIN’s FIELDS picture in [ the] show window. EDWIN FIELDS comes home Aug 29 [and then] goes back Aug 30.

September 3, 1942

LESLIE FIELDS birthday. He is 35 years old [and] is in service for 19 [months]. [The] war between England and Germany enters the 4th year. EDWIN FIELDS comes home Sept 25 [and] goes back [ the] 26th. GLEN FIELDS goes to Ft Benning, Ga. [in] Sept. [He] is in [ the] quartermaster division.

November 13, 1942

LESLIE FIELDS comes home on furlough, Friday 13th. [He is] on 13 day furlough. GUY FIELDS wins medal for shooting.

November 7, 1942

2nd Front: United States & English make invasion of French territory in Africa. The long talked of 2nd front makes history tonight at 9 pm. President Roosevelt makes [a] shortwave radio talk to French people to accept our soldiers as friends.

November 10, 1942

Secretary KNOT says it is the 2nd front. French are not antagonistic to the American invaders. Only sporadic fighting. Admiral DARLAN reported to be with Americans and leaning toward Allies. Eisenhower, an American in command, and British armies there.

November 11, 1942

Armistice Day: truly as one of our announcers spoke: may we never see ano ther Armistice Day in wartime but our next [Armistice Day] be a day of rejoicing with our boys at home and peace, that great day wished for where all men are free with a right to the pursuit of happiness to go about their daily work of rebuilding the world. Where all men shall have a right to live and none suffer for want of the necessaries of life.

November 14, 1942

EDWIN FIELDS comes home November 14, 1942 for furlough. He gets to stay here while LESLIE FIELDS is at home.

November 21, 1942

LESLIE FIELDS starts back for Camp Edwards and EDWIN FIELDS goes to Camp Hoval, November 23, 1942. LESLIE FIELDS nickname in camp: “Doc” and also a friend of his [he has a friend], Cpl Adams.

December 4, 1942

GLEN FIELDS birthday. He is 39 years of age and in military service. A number of men [remain] here, yet [ they are] much younger than he. But, they are married [and have] children or are just exempted for o ther reasons. Well, a man’s a man and this is war. Sentiment isn’t in it. The best man for the job should be chosen, not men of any class. I pity the children of these parents. Will they be yellow or cowardly? Ano ther generation to follow, the future will reveal if we are able to furnish the world with red-blooded Americans or a bunch of cringing cowards. You American men, shrinking from your duty: what will your sons and daughters think when victory is won and you were a yellow slacker?

Undated re: unfinished letter of protest

I am no armchair strategist but I do resent seeing our immature youth called from their homes and [sic] a class of young married men [are] exempted. This is our war. I have watched it from the day it started Sept 3, 1939 and I feel that there should be no favoritism. The best men of our country should be used. And it seems to me that the boys that can’t vote are considered minors in property rights should be deferred until our 21 to 30 year old men are all called. Then if they are needed, it must be done. One of my sons is 41 and one is 38. They all went without asking for an exemption and 2 have been in [ the] Service since the early part of [19] 41. Well this is my complaint. My ancestors came from New York and [I] am of Dutch descent on my paternal side, of which I am proud. But I would like you to please consider my protest and I hope my boys do not…..

December 14, 1942

Sticker for car: no. 17151661. A blackout over the prairies of America. For maybe more than a thousand years, Indian campfires lit up the prairies before our civilization erected cities to light our western states.

December 24, 1942

DARLAN shot by French boy making an uncertain feeling among French [at] Christmastime. German in Stalingrad sector overrun by Russians. Generals & o ther officers being rescued by planes, January 14, 1943. January 15, 1930, the Kellogg Briand Pact signed by US Congress and signed by all o ther countries a peace pact. Today these nations are at each o thers throats. Post war peace in the making.

December 25, 1942

Christmas Day, a beautiful day. 5 boys in service. LESLIE FIELDS [is] in 36th Div, Massachusetts. BOB FIELDS [is] in Canada somewhere, Eng Corp. EDWIN FIELDS [is] in Tank Battalion, Camp Hood, Tex. GLEN FIELDS [is] in QM Section, GA. GUY FIELDS [is] in infantry in Ark. CLYDE FIELDS, VIOLET FIELDS & DOROTY FIELDS [are] here for dinner. At dusk, Christmas Day, EDWIN FIELDS comes in [and] stays until Sunday morning. {He] starts back for camp.

January 1, 1943

A new day. Is it a year of success? Will we look back on this year as one to be proud to remember? We hope it will be a year of pride for our country and a year that shows our people as one not given to selfish thoughts but a spirit of courage and willing to do their share of all things needed for victory. Psalms 85-11: Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from Heaven.

January 7-22, 1943

Sis & JOHNNY KINCAID came in January 7th. [They went] to Mineral Wells [on] the 9th. [It was] his first furlough in one year. EDWIN FIELDS came in January 9, 1943. Their tank battalion is transferred to Virginia. He has been in the Company since May 28, 1942, so they are scheduled for the week of January 11th to go to Va. And now he is on his way back to camp. We hope he will soon be coming home with his country freed from the scourge of the Germans & Japs. News of BOB FIELDS: back again at Dawson Creek drilling on water well. News [comes that] they may get furloughs in February. Letter [came in] from EDWIN FIELDS January 22, 1943. His is at Camp Pickett, Va.

January 16, 1943

Reports from Stalingrad: Germans surrounded by Russians, eating dead horses. Out of 220,000, 78,000 are left.

January 19, 1943

A letter from LESLIE FIELDS, the 19th, stating he is going overseas soon. EDWIN FIELDS is sent to Camp Pickett, Va. – 120 miles from Washington DC

January 26, 1943

World news tonight: President Roosevelt & Winston Churchill met at Casablanca in Morocco, Africa. After 10 days conference [it is] reported they have drawn up peace conference pact: unconditional surrender for Germany, Japan and Italy which means our allies have come close to the German & Jap debacle. We invite Stalin to conference but on account of conditions at home [he] cannot be with them. Also, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek [was invited] but he was unable to attend. Germans left Stalingrad. 12,000. It remains only a few hours until they are destroyed. They are starving and freezing. Also, [ they are] without ammunition.

January 27, 1943

The 2nd anniversary of LESLIE FIELDS service in [ the] army: two long years training, waiting, watching. And Denmark is bombed that day. First since war [began].

February 10, 1943

GUY FIELDS came in February 10, 1943, discharged from the army. DOROTHY FIELDS birthday. And a letter from GLEN FIELDS. He was coming home soon.

February 12, 1943

Lincoln ’s Birthday. Our war locked nation stops for a moment to pay honor to the man who did so much that all men might be free. CLYDE FIELDS goes to Dallas to be examined for Service. VYDELLE FIELDS is exempted for a time.

February 13, 1943

CLYDE FIELDS goes [went] to Dallas February 12, 1943. [He] is rejected and comes home.

March 10, 1943

VYDELLE FIELDS gets his call March 10, 1943. [He] is to report for service March 26, 1943.

March 22, 1943

[I] go to Jacksboro to try to get VYDELLE FIELDS deferred but [I am] unsuccessful. He with his Daddy & CLYDE FIELDS have the equivalent of 51 units but no soap [it’s not enough].

March 26, 1943

VYDELLE FIELDS goes to Dallas to be examined and has not come back Saturday, March 27, 1943. Last letter from LESLIE FIELDS [was] written March 4, 1943. He is at Amherst, VA. VYDELLE FIELDS, who went to Dallas March 26, 1943 and [who was] examined March 27, 1943, [is] rejected as his arm had been broken at one time and is not in place as it should be. So out of the 7 boys, 2 are rejected, one from mastoid operation [and] the o ther a dislocated arm.

April 18, 1943

Report that 25,000 soldiers sailing through Gibraltar supposedly for North Africa. Is LESLIE FIELDS in that fleet? A card dated April 7, 1943 giving LIESLIE FIELDS address for overseas; so one is going to some unknown land to fight for their god and country.

April 19, 1943

A card with EDWIN FIELDS address for New York gives our first new that EDWIN FIELDS is billed for overseas. Two boys to go to fight their fight for freedom.

April 23, 1943

BOB FIELDS came in from Canada. After 14 months on the Alcan Highway, [he] was here for Easter. EDWIN FIELDS came in on Christmas Day. GUY FIELDS & GLEN FIELDS [came] on Valentine’s Day. Now BOB FIELDS [comes] for Easter.

April 29, 1943

BOB FIELDS goes to Ft Worth. [He is] starting back for Canada. I hope he will have a short time to stay up there [and] then [come] home from the war and the rest at home too.

May 1, 1943

May Day. Coal strike is called. JOHN L LEWIS orders union miners to strike. President Roosevelt orders the mines to be worked by government supervision. Second war bond load: $13 Billion go over the top. I wonder how the Japs & Germans feel about that.

May 5, 1943

BOB FIELDS 2nd anniversary in [ the] army service and news that JACK RAMZY is a prisoner of the Japs. One year in prison camp, May 6th, [and] one year since Corregidor fell.

May 8, 1943

Mopping up Africa. Only a small area not taken. LESLIE FIELDS is supposed to be there. The 36th Division is reported to have landed in North Africa. The dark continent is meeting our boys.

May 18, 1943

Letter from LESLIE FIELDS [written] January 19, 1943. He is expecting to be on shipboard going across in a few days. Riston falls to Russians February 14, 1943. May 12, 1943: Africa is ours now, unconditional surrender. 150,000 German & Italian prisoners. The 2nd invasion is imminent. Where will it be staged? I guess it will be Italy. The Aleutian Islands: A battle of the seaward islands. Our troops are fighting on those icy rocks almost impossible to clamber over. Eisenhower reports better than 200,000 prisoners captured in Africa. London reports 220,000. A time [is] set for Italy to be knocked out of the war by October. This is May 18, 1943. We shall see what we shall see. My guess would be nearer July 20, 1943.

May 23, 1943

[This is] EDWIN FIELDS birthday. He [is] 34 years of age today. And somewhere in [ the] service ei ther at sea or at embarkation point. He is sharing the burden for those who are being favored by unfair favoritism to stay and dodge the bullets and bombs. English towns bombed May 23rd. My guess is Cambridge & Yarmouth.

May 31, 1943

Report of ships passing through Gibraltar.

June 1, 1943

Report [of] ships floating idly on Mediterranean Sea waiting for invasion. Is EDWIN FIELDS there? My guess is that EDWIN FIELDS will be in [ the] invasion of Sicily. Midnight: John Lewis calls strike of soft coal miners. My suggestion: let the war mo thers of America call Washington by phone and tell the War Dept. to get John Lewis and quick. Why should our boys fight and saboteurs like him run at large? Anit Strike – John Lewis bill up before Congress.

June 5, 1943

Kermit Roosevelt dies in Alaska. Theodore Roosevelt loses 2 sons in the German conflict War No 1 – Juentin was killed June 11th. Pautalleria, an island belong to Italy surrenders after 20 days of bombing. The first in history to be taken by air. Mussolini reported to be insane. June 5th: a letter from LESLIE FIELDS. He is in North Africa. Letter was written May 10, 1943 – mailed May 12, 1943.

June 11, 1943

News that HESTON COOK is a prisoner of the Japs.

June 18, 1943

Ships reported in Gibraltar: battleships. Also, EDWIN FIELDS may be there.

July 10, 1943

It has come: the invasion of Europe. Sicily is invaded. Big naval guns pour a barrage on the coast as the troops land. Roosevelt says it is the beginning of the end of Hitler’s Germany.

August 17, 1943

Sicily is in the Allies hands. They are unable to keep the Germans from escaping to the boot of Italy. Rome asks to be made an open city but don’t think they will fill requirements.

September 13, 1943

The anniversary of World War II and Leslie’s birthday as England invaded Italy. This morning they gave the challenge to Germany to see who would dominate Europe: a free people or an enslaved [people]. As LESLIE FIELDS and EDWIN FIELDS are over there in Sicily or possibly Africa, we listen to the reports coming in hoping to hear that Italy is giving - an unfinished sentence. News from EDWIN FIELDS written August 18, 1943. After Sicily goes down. He is ok. We thank our God for his mercy and care. As news comes from LESLIE FIELDS written August 20, 1943. His is also ok.

October 18, 1943

5th Army is winner in Battle of Volturns River in Italy. Fighting fiercely in hills. Germans burst equipment and retreat toward Rome. Hitler and his men holding pow-wow. And Moscow is center of conference to come to agreement on post-war peace. Sec. HULL, ANTHONY EDEN and dutch smut ARE AMONG THE COMMITTEE.

October 21, 1943

Sec. of War STINSON gives figures on killed, wounded or missing as 6,744 from Salerno to Volterns River. LESLIE FIELDS and EDWIN FIELDS may be in that battle. Amphibious fighting in the coastal area.

November 15, 1943

Radio verifies report that 36th Div is in Salerno battle. Report that 177 wounded are in hospital in Texas and more coming. We have heard from LESLIE FIELDS. He writes he is ok.

No date

To cash War Bond: A Post office official can cash a war bond but are responsible in case of false claimant. Executive officer of bank and any o ther legal officer can cash bond with seal attached. Treasury Dept, Wash DC, Henry Morgenthau Jr, Sec Treasury. G128051086E, US War Savings Bond.

No date

A prediction: when will the war end? We are judging by the movements of the armed forces such as we can guess. Italy goes down in July. France will be invaded then. Our armies will reach Germany by September and then the eclipse of the German regime. So it will be December 4th. My predication [is] that Germany will be crushed. Japan will fight on until some time in February 1944.

December 25, 1943

Rain and mud. A dull Christmas with all the boys away except the twins. Sis & Dorothy and Wayne here Dec 27. Roosevelt orders rairoads under government supervision.

January 2, 1944

News that Bolivia & Argentina are seething with Nazi and Jap snakes, stirring up the South America republics to overthrow their governments and make German & Jap satellites out of them. We hope this will be a failure and they will carry on in their own traditional way.

January 26, 1944

News that Argentina broke with Axis. Listen [to] see if any news comes from events overseas on this day.

March 2, 1944

News that in Battle of Beachhead in Italy 8,000 Americans are killed in last tow weeks, a terrific loss. Russia is in Estonia and still coming. Finland is talking peace with Russia. A letter from EDWIN FIELDS dated Feb 9th. He said he could see the Jerries [Germans] through field glasses. We think he is in Casino District. The Finns have sent peace emissaries to Moscow.

March 15, 1944

Casino is beat down. The Ides of March, a historical today [day]. Beware of The Ides of March. Sherman tanks go into Casino. The greatest air raid known in history.

March 17, 1944

A telegram from [ the] War Dept. that LESLIE FIELDS is wounded and the date: Feb 10th. We hope his is recovering fast. A letter follows: the German beasts have stained their filthy hands again. Texas, remember their bloody works and their despicable principle. Never again, we hope, can they be able to wage war against any people. LESLIE FIELDS is wounded February 10, 1944 but returns to duty 5 days later.

April 1944

BOB FIELDS is sent overseas presumably to England. The invasion is imminent. His APO 9966.


May 4, 1944

Rome is a captured city without resistance to the allied armies. They are fleeing from the 6th Army. We consider this a great victory. Rome, the oldest capitol in the world: the old historical city has ano ther epic to write down in her history.

July 26, 1944

BOB FIELDS birthday: a red letter day for USA & England. [On] July 25, 1944, Mussolini turns Italy loose & Italians don’t sleep that night. [They] say [it is] the first freedom they have had in 21 years. BOB FIELDS birthday, July 26, 1944: Italy turns on Germany but [by] July 30, 1944 [ Germany] has not surrendered to Allies. This may be the beginning of the end.

August 23, 1944

Paris is free, a victory for the French. It is given to the French the privilege of winning their freedom. They fought 4 days. Romania surrenders to the Allies but will help drive the Germans from their land. False report. It was the 25th when Paris was freed.

August 30, 1944

Rumors that the Germans are going to use poison gas.

September 13, 1944


March 9, 1945

A telegram from the War Dept that BOB FIELDS was killed in Belgium Jan 18. May God curse the German scum. Pray God to curse the land that spawned the German murderers full of lust & hate. Rest in peace dear BOB. You won’t be forgotten. As long as America stands, your sacrifice will be remembered. We’re bringing you home when this war is over, back to a land where you were free.

April 12, 1945

Report that President Roosevelt is dead after being elected for the 4th term. We see his work is finished. He ranks as great a man as the US ever produced. The Allies have lost a great leader. His people will miss his great wisdom & thought for his fellow man. A new man takes the helm, Senator [Vice President] Truman replaces President Roosevelt. We hope he will be ale to carry on. So ends the book I started Jan 27, 1941. But peace is not far off.

No date

May 2nd – A letter from Edwin that he saw a 1st sergeant from the 142nd that knew LESLIE FIELDS – said he was OK. May 2nd – President Truman says the news are accepted that Hitler is dead & Goebbels – Ribbentrop is kicked…

May 2, 1945

Italy is surrendered by the Germans. Unconditional. One million Germans lay down their arms. The close of the chapter. Salerno – Anzio beachhead, Cassino & Rome. LESLIE FIELDS & EDWIN FIELDS were in the whole struggle until after Rome fell, May 2nd. The 36th Div 144th Infantry capture Von Rundstedt. Watch, I think he was commander in chief when BOB FIELDS went down [died]. So in my book [to my way of thinking] he is public enemy no 1. May he get his just desserts [justice]. May 2nd: Berlin falls. Russian soldiers take the city. Their 3rd time of capturing it.

May 7, 1945

A letter giving an engraving of BOB’S FIELDS. The purple heart is [stopped writing].

May 8, 1945

VE [victory in Europe] Day – The end of the war in Europe. Last gun fired in Alps. Gen Patton was in last fight. All are considered as outlaws who refuse to observe the treaty. Today is President Truman’s’ birthday. He is 61 years of age and his family moved into the White House today.

June 1945

Price we paid for Italy’s folly – 109,000 [dead]. Price of the war in all areas – 950,472 [dead] – Germans flee to Allies quarters crying “where can we go?” The Russians are after us; so, why should I care? My boy lies over there, a victim of their brutality. 3,000,000 German prisoners captured by Americans since D Day.

June 10, 1945

Leslie got his discharge; brings it with him. He is a civilian again after 4 years. We hope it [will] end in Japan …..

August 8, 1945

Russia declares war on Japan. US has a secret weapon, an atomic bomb dropped on the Pittsburg of Japan, killing 100,000 Japs.

August 14, 1945

Emperor Hirohito surrenders to America, unconditional. Atomic bomb most deadly weapon, which holds power of life or death over human race. Warns Japs they are at mercy of our planes. But, Aug 17th, Japs are still lagging in meeting General McArthur’s demands. We think everything will be cleared up soon.

September 8, 1945

News came that Italy has signed an armistice, a day to be remembered. We have hopes now that the whole European country will surrender.

September 16, 1945

A letter from EDWIN FIELDS. He is in Sicily and so far [he is] safe: that is, September 1, 1945. Nurses arrive at Salerno, 57 of them. First to reach Europe since World War I.

September 17, 1945

Our wedding anniversary 43 years ago. And today is Salerno day. We will remember the bitter fight our sons made at Salerno. The 36th Division, LESLIE FIELDS division, is playing a famous part in that fight. May the Lord protect them.

October 8, 1945

No more news from LESLIE FIELDS or EDWIN FIELDS but the 5th Army is fighting a fierce battle with Hitler’s scum and one boy from Jacksboro [ Texas] [is] reported missing. We hear that Rome is in dire danger, that the Germans are looting the wealth of Rome.

October 13, 1945

Italy declares war on Germany. Once more the Italian people are repentant and working to give themselves and o thers freedom.

October 18, 1945

Report that Hitler came out of the river nude and surrendered to the 5th Army. It wasn’t Adolph; [it was] ano ther Hitler.

November 22, 1945

News that Mussolini committed suicide [killed by partisans April 28, 1945]. Battle of Italy: American loss is 11,000 killed. English lost 16,000. Total 27,000. Germans have proved a deadly enemy for our boys.

No date

The new year with war still raging. Russia on the winning side. Italy still a battlefield. LESLIE FIELDS & EDWIN FIELDS in the fire & bombing maelstrom and ARTHUR VICK. No letter from LESLIE FIELDS since Oct 25, 1945.


Coronary occlusion, immediate: the cause of W. L. FIELDS [WALTER LEE, died 27 Dec 1945] death as given by doctor. [Walter was the husband of Mary Louisa Tripp-Fields. The silence, here, is deafening. How much grief can one person take?]

January 17-26, 1946

Hospital bill for DOROTHY FIELDS and doctor - $146.00

April 5, 1946

Received from pension check $648. Bought tombstone for BOB FIELDS and [illegible] for WALTER FIELDS and [my]self.

July 18, 1946

Clyde – for Elenburg(?); commenced work

.80 c per hr – 9 hrs

.80 c per hr - 10 hrs July 19

.80 c per hr – 10 hrs July 20

.80 c per hr – 9 hrs July 21

.80 c per hr – 10 hrs July 22

.80 c per hr – 6 hrs July 23

August 6, 1946

Temperature 101 ¾, one of our hottest days. History: Korea gives up some of our boys. Prisoners of North Korea. 35 [illegible] Cpl. WILLIE PATRICK. HARRY PURVIS.

September 5, 1946

Wiring house for electricity $28.95

September 8, 1946

Telegram: EDWIN FIELDS is in the States.

September 9, 1946

EDWIN FIELDS arrives at home safe & sound, no scratch on him from Italy after more than a year [of] service in enemy range.

September 12, 1946

A letter from LESLIE FIELDS: He is in a hospital with an injured leg from a splinter.

October 4, 1946

Edwin FIELDS night watch – up to and including the 8th = 5 nights

December 31, 1946

President Truman officially declares [ the] end of World War II at 11am.

January 1, 1947

Snow 3 inches, 30 degrees, followed by "norther", a most severe cold-wave originating in Siberia, crossing Atlantic into Canada, thence to the Dakotas & then sweeping on to Texas Panhandle & western palins. Report from 6 above zero to 10 & 14.

January 28, 1947

School land paid off. $308 for GW FIELDS tract.

June 12, 1947

Sugar ration books discarded. The last ration on the books after 5 years of war regulations. This included for us: tire and gasoline stamps, shoes, meat and lard, butter, coffee and canned goods, canned fruits especially were high on the list for stamp value. But raw fruit was not regulated. This report given out by PORTER RANDALL.

November 7, 1947

Friendship Train starts on long trek across US with food for hungry Europe. As the train travels, additional cars will be added to the train loaded with foodstuffs. One town in Nebraska asked if they could use ½ car of beans. Lionel Barrymore was a leader. Europe after 2 years are starving.


Wea ther signs follow: Xmas days = fair prospects for Jan, Feb & Mar = fair moisture signs. So we wait for results. April: very rainy. May & June: clear, no sign of rain. July: cloudy – very good.

February 8, 1948 or thereabouts

Grain drops about 6th as much as allowable. 9th meat drops: cattle & hogs on a down spin. 12th Holiday checks for a day. Man over radio thinks this is a 2 year run – inflation may be on its way out. Russia rejoicing in the idea we are on way to depression.

March 10, 1948

Blizzard. Temperature under 10 [degrees] above zero. Wide spread snowfall reported. Deep in places. None here except light drifting.

April 1948

Price of cattle at this time: Lester FIELDS sold 5 calves and yearlings at $160 each = $800.

September 1948

Bought pig - $ 9.50; feed – 20 lbs - $.80. Pipe for water well - $5.00. Tank metal – $31.00.

Sis address 14630 Murphy, Ft Worth.

JAMES HARGRAVE, Star Route 2 Box 599, Bremerton, Washington.

December 25, 1948

Cloudy with raw wind from north.

December 26, 1948

Very cloudy.

December 27, 1948

Very cloudy.

December 28, 1948

Morning cloudy [and] light drizzle.

December 29, 1948

Clear skies

December 30, 1948

Clear skies

December 31, 1948

Light hazy clouds.

January 2, 1949 – cont.

For Jan – rivers flood in north at Dallas. River out of banks. No relief from cold wave but the long Texas ___ in south is broken, a boon for the grain.

January 3, 1949

Telegram. BOB FIELDS [deceased] will be in Graham [ Texas] Jan 5.

January 5, 1949

Wednesday, [ the] 5th. BOB FIELDS arrived in Graham. We meet him there. Wea ther bad.

January 7, 1949

We bury BOB FIELDS. A beautiful day.

Funeral Services for Pvt. Robert W. Fields were held at the Baptist Church, Bryson, Jan 7, son of Walter and Mary L Fields of Bryson. Robert was killed the Belgian Bulge Jan 18, 1945. Surviving him are his mo ther , 6 bro thers: Guy L of Graham, Glen of Perrin, Leslie at Amarillo, Edwin, Vydelle and Clyde of Bryson.; 4 sisters: Mrs. Irene Gilmore of Graham, Mrs Doris Kincaid of Ft Worth, Mrs Violet Waldrop, Miss Dorothy Fields of Ft Worth; 3 uncles: L W Fields of Bryson, F. W. F Trent, - A. Tripp of Bryson. Those attending from out of town were Mr and Mrs FWF Trent, Mrs Lonnie ---oun and Mrs Jerlean Cordell of Wichita Falls, Mrs Lily Holman of Graham.

January 9, 1949

Wea ther turns bad.

January 11, 1949

Icy. Trees and rain turning to ice. Electricity gives out and isn’t repaired until the 16th. But [repair] isn’t complete until the 17th. Wea ther still bad.

January 22, 1949

Rain. But beginning [January] 24th, rain with thunder [and] sleet.

January 25, 1949

Still snow and sleet on ground. Temperature 21 [degrees]. Ground covered with snow and ice [to] a depth of 4 or 5 inches. All [of] Texas covered with a blanket of snow except lower south.

January 26, 1949

12:30pm temperature 23 at Wichita Falls.

January 27-31, 1949 continued from page 87

Ice, snow and temperature ranging from 18 to 15 to zero. San Antonio reports zero which means palm tress all tropical growth are killed or badly damaged. A record breaker for the extent of freeze. Central Texas [illegible] hardest freeze known. But here mercury recalls several cold snaps that equal this in zero wea ther. Ice broken on creek around 3 inches thick. Some cattle in ra ther poor condition. San Antonio is record breaker. Freeze 1899 was 4 above zero.

February 1-2, 1949

Wea ther moderating. 1st with temperature in low 30’s [and] 2nd moderating with temperature around 40; and slush and mud so bad roads almost impassable.

March 10, 1949

Time 4pm. Radio announces that MILDRED GILLERS, alias ALIS SALLY was pronounced guilty by the jury for treason. She [is] an American citizen [and she] sold her patriotism to the Germans during World War II, and [she] gave her broadcasts taunting our soldiers and discouraging them. She will reap what she sows. Can’t she see the misery? The young soldiers lying in their graves, their youth and joy of life destroyed by murderous people bent on destroying all that was created by liberty-loving people. To have a brutal people murder and destroy the work and sabotage all progressive ideas and implant hate and tyranny over the entire world.

11am First public announcement of pact between US and countries of western Europe that will prevent future war. In case one of those countries is attacked, we do something about it.

March 20, 1949

Rain fell, an inch and 1/2 , again.

March 25, 1949

2 ½ inch[es] at Graham; likely the same here. Wind high in places [and] scattered tornados, and [it] looks like more to follow. Judge sentences ALIS SALLY from 10 to 30 years prison sentence and a $10,0000 fine, also. She is deprived of American citizenship.

June 8, 1949

LESTER FIELDS sold cattle at $165.00 ea: 43 cows, 35 calves – with calves included. So they brought $7,095.00 = 78 head, thus it was, in a way, $165.00 per pair.

June 24, 1949

Good rain this morning: a promise of corn & maize, but hay is slowed down.

September 13, 1949

Light rain with wea ther coolest at this time of year in 50 years.

September 15, 1949

Heavy rain; temperature in 60’s.

November 11, 1949

Armistice Day. Memories of the past: 1918 – How we rejoiced when news came [that] the war was over. Germany, that menace of the world, was beaten down. Then came years of peace, or was it a prelude ot the 2nd war? The 1st war didn’t affect us – only through the sympathy and horror we all felt that war always affects us. But, the 2nd war, we knew when England and France declared war [that] we would be in the thick of it. This time our boys were called to the colors: eventually 5 of them [her sons]. And [with] Germany controlling all of Europe, [ there was] no chance to invade that war-torn continent [easily]. 4 years have passed. We hear of the mistakes the neglectful attitude of leading persons that [sic] broadcasted over the radios declaring [that] we should stay out of the war leaving ourselves and the rest of the world to the mercies of an inhuman, unprincipled race so sadistic that it was unbelievable that persons in the shape and form of humans could become so depraved to torture, mutilate and murder those unfortunate enough to fall in their hands.

No date

My hand in Thine, oh Lord. My hand in Thine will guide me o’er the difficult places which life brings to us all.

January 12, 1950

Stock market: bull market is taking a downspin in Wall Street; Jan 13, a drop in stocks. Seems to be threatening. Last year a shake up about Feb 10, or thereabouts, 1950 is prophesied to be a prosperous year. Watch.

January 30, 1950

Beginning an unpleasant cold spell.

January 31, 1950

Sleet & snow, icy roads, temperature not so low but travel almost at a standstill. This morning 28 degrees. Electricity goes out at 2:40pm.

February 1, 1950

Ice, sleet cover gorund. Temperature 32. Heavy thunder. Electricity still out.

February 11, 1950

Heavy thunder and rain like Spring rain. This is indication of frost same dates in April.

June 25, 1950

Sketches of [ the] war situation in [ the] year 1950 beginning June 25th. Korea: a war between North and South Korea. The US sent ground troops, Marine and Air Force to prevent North Korea, known as the “Reds” or communists. A Russian lackey following the Stalin orders. Now the war is nearly over this October 17th and President Truman makes an address to the nation. This is explaining our intentions to our aims and tomorrow we hear he is giving Russia to understand that we will have peace if we have to make war to attain this. Churchill says Europe is the central point of attack if they strike. Our boys are being drafted to fight if war comes. So we face a crisis. If Russia wants peace, she must change her policy of the Iron Curtain and release her grip on nations that are countries separate and apart from Russia. Russia furnished planes, guns and all necessary supplies to North Korea to enable them to fight South Korea.

August 22, 1950

Paid GE $9.30 for icebox [precursor of refrigerator]. Korean peace pact to be signed by our time at 11:30pm, July 25, 1953 – by Eastern time. It will be July 26th at 2pm, as that is daylight time there.

January 1, 1952 – March 1952

Leap year. The year commenced with an ice storm, 2 days. Then a warm wave continuing through January. Thence into February. No ice until late February. Then about 30 to 28 [degrees] temperature. Very dry compared to ‘86 & ‘87. But March 1st & 2nd, light rain. Monday 3rd: after midnight a storm of rain and a rain pretty good. So if you want to compare unusual winters, remember this one. See if January & February ever repeats itself. No killing freeze.

April 28, 1952

US and Japan complete formalities giving Japan back her free control of her nation’s governing power. They are now on their own. [It is] their first independence since the Pearl Harbor attack Dec 7, 1941.

August 25, 1952

This is the 34th day of the heat wave, reaching to 100 [degrees] or above, a record. WE swelter through this extreme heat. No relief until sunset and then it is very hot. A hurricane is reported somewhere. They are searching for it. Radio says Texans will try anything to get relief from this heat wave.

September 1, 1952

Came in with temperature 106 [degrees] at Ft Worth. Likely the same here. August 31, a temperature of 108 [degrees]. At 6 pm, September 1, 1952, was a hard wind storm of about 100 miles per hour. Ft Worth hard hit. Carswell airbase bad hit. Estimated loss in the millions. Lake Worth was badly hit. One house turned upside down.

September 10, 1952

At last a report that Von Rundstedt is living quietly in Hanover, Germany. [It is] a mystery to me why he is so unknown. His wife an invalid, paralyzed from waist down. Well the bible says vengeance is mine – will repay, saith the Lord. Therefore, his punishment will be great for the grief he has caused many. I still say he is enemy no 1 for many of us who had sons and relatives shot down by his murderous soldiers. My hope is to see these uncertain times settled with peace in all nations.

September 22, 1952

Bought electric clock.

October 6, 1952

Frost killed Johnson grass. No crops here to suffer from freeze. A blue nor ther blew in Sunday (5th). The drought still with us and no sign of relief. A similar dry spell to the’86 & ’87 drought. Disaster relief for stock feed being suppled by government at reduced price.

November 4 – 5, 1952

Election and light rain. Some moisture but no stock water. Ano ther light rain between dates November 4 & November 23. A slow rain has been falling since 1 pm.

December 1952

12 days of Christmas: Dec 25, clear; Dec 26, cloudy all day; Dec 27, cloudy all day; Dec 28, morning fair but evening cloud in the south; Dec 29, morning cloud, scattering clouds through day. [Dec 29-Jan 5 are listed without comment]

February 24, 1953

Report this morning that Von Rundstedt died last night in his bed. I wonder. Time heals all wounds, they say. But, in my memory book, he is a cohort of Satan. He missed the punishment of the courts but what about meeting the boys that died in the Bulge [ Battle of the Bulge]? Will they see his end? He led his army when he knew they were defeated, to kill and kill until they were cut down. I wish I could in some way see that man as he lived his last years with all the blood on his hands. Information comes that England, in 1949, ruled that Von Rundstedt was too ill to stand trial for war crimes but lived in seclusion in Hanover. Age 78 at the time of the … Belgium Bulge [ Battle of the Bulge] hew was 71 yrs. How do you like than. A man with his life already comparatively ended, taking so many lives with, or as it was, before him. [It] sounds like the gladiator days of Rome.

March 5, 1953

Stalin dies [on] March 5th; or did he die earlier? The world wonders. Strange [that] one nation can hold so much dread, so much danger to [sic] o ther peoples of the world. It appears to me as a monster ready to strike as old legends used to write of dragons and giants only in a more destructive sense, A nation of silence. No one can peer behind the Iron Curtain and see the intrigue, the terrible crimes and bitter suffering their people and also those who have no part with them. Some here openly rejoiced. O thers silent, not wishing to openly express themselves.

April 19, 1953

An exchange of prisoners between Chinese “Reds” and US wounded American prisoners and North Korean prisoners. First American released from Red Army. His home in Washington Heights, New York: Karl C Kirschenauer.

May 11, 1953

Rain this morning after showers with no stock water for months. It looks like the drought is broken. Ano ther rain appears to e coming from the southwest. A report that Ranger [ Texas] had a small cyclone at 10:15 am. The rain came and measures give 1 inch.

May 12, 1953

Ano ther rain this morning. Reports give it as torrential rains have fallen over a great deal of the State. The Brazos [River] is rising and people are being moved out of bottoms [sunken valleys]. Cyclone at Waco [ Texas] one of the worst in history. Still digging for dead.

July 11, 1953

A confused report: President Eisenhower ordered deferment of fa thers for service in army be canceled but a follow-up says they are still deferred. This may be cleared up soon. Later: the fa thers will be subject to draft as the o thers from Aug 25th.

July 10-11, 1953

Cooler. Temperature in 80’s and 11th still a relief from heat. See [?] is a cooler spells than usual in October.

July 26, 1953

7pm. BOB’S FIELDS birthday. Yes, and the armistice agreement being signed by US, North Korea, and South Korea in Chinese [and] also Korean. 3 months trial. At that time it will be seen whe ther the treaty is satisfactory. We are hoping [that it will be] a peace that is lasting. [It is] a day of hopes. 3 languages are being signed: English, Chinese & Korean after 37 months of conflict. I am listening to the broadcast but the distance makes it difficult to understand.

September 14, 1953

News [came] of Winston Churchill [who] is a very sick man. [He] had a paralytic stroke when he rose to speak, but [it] says he will stay in office to help write the peace of Korea, the commies [communists] and so forth. He is preparing his life history to be printed after his death.

December 25, 1953

Clear skies: an indication of dry wea ther for January.

December 26, 1953

A very slight promise of falling wea ther. Wea ther moderating from a severe cold wave, dropping to 17 [degrees].

December 27, 1953

Cloudy. We should have some rainy wea ther.

December 28, 1953

Thin clouds but some indications for rain.

December 29, 1953

Hazy. Not very good.

December 30, 1953

Still hazy but sky clear.

January 18, 1954

Code wave starts. Temperature goes to 13 degrees. Snow and sleet January 21st and 22nd , 3 or 4 days before it melts.

January 26, 1954

JIM & NOVELL HARGRAVE came after JEAN & MARVIN FIELDS. Left here for Graham January 29, 1954. Will leave January 30, 1954 for Belfair, Washington.

March 1954

Dust storms.

June 14, 1954

Heat wave has continued for about two weeks. This is July 14, 1954. Yesterday, at Graham, [it] was 110 degrees, O ther states are even higher: Illinois as much as 114 degrees.

July 1954

The war in Indochina ended on July 20, 1954 at 7 pm after 8 years of war.

December 25, 1954

Early in day very foggy, clouds but scattering which stands for January.

December 26, 1954

Still cloudy but not very much sign of rain for February.

December 27, 1954

Clouds. Very cloudy. Some rain indicated.

December 28, 1954

The rain is light but snow & sleet is slight. Some good signs for a rainy year; this stands for 1955.

December 29, 1954

Clear in the morning, cloudy in evening. Looks like some rain for May.

December 30, 1954

Cloudy. Good indications for June.

December 31, 1954

Still cloudy. Maybe July will give us some rain.

January 1, 1955

Still hazy [with] clouds. Hope it is a rainy summer.

January 23, 1955

President Eisenhower asks Congress to give him authority to use our troops to evacuate Chiang Kai-shek’s Army, stationed on islands that cannot defend these smaller Island to Formosa or o ther points from the communist army. Secretary Dulles and members of Congress are conferring now as to whe ther they will give him this authority. As yet, no dissenting congressman has been heard from so this [is] the beginning of a New Year [that] is trembling on the brink of a crisis.

March 20, 1955

Rain the 20th. Some showers the 18th. This is a very good indication for crop growth. Very green for this time of year. Temperature par time in the 80’s. Many weeds putting out [growth].

November 30, 1955 – December 1, 1955

Rain, sleet & snow. Not too severe cold but disagreeable. First moisture since the flood that filled tanks & damaged Graham.

December 1955


May 4, 1956


July 10-13, 1956

GUY FIELDS cut ring around trees.

July 11, 1956


October 14, 1956

Rain & hail a 3 or 4 inch rain. Most severe hail we have seen in years. Tanks [stock ponds] ran around [overflowed]. Quite a large area received this rain, but Graham one inch. Since that date we have as much as 1 ½ inches up to November 3rd.

November 3, 1956

I am closing this book, the end of one chapter. I will begin a new entry, hoping it will be a short report.

December 25, 1956

Day clear. No clouds. [In] general terms, a balmy day.

December 26, 1956

Ano ther clear day. Wea ther mild.

December 27, 1956

Still clear days. No indications of rain and today is my birthday, 74 years old.

December 28, 1956

Ano ther fair day.

December 29, 1956

Still fair wea ther. Clear wea ther and mil. A cool wind.

December 30, 1956

Clear & mild. Temperature 50 & 60 [degrees]. Report from New England stats: coldest wea ther of season. Estimated to be 20 degrees below zero.

1955 - 1956

This year [1955] was a drought and 1956 also a drought. It is called a 5 year drought and history, as it may have been read through the study of scientists, is that such a drought occurred 700 years ago. Anyway, there is no one living that can remember such a drought. This has left farmers without help of government aid. It would have been disaster for farming districts. Many farms abandoned. Without other labor jobs, real suffering; would have been in great need. Much timber died.

April 28, 1957

Rain commenced on April 21, 1957. Heavy rains followed through the week. In all, reported 8 inches for the week. Sunday, April 28, 1957, a heavy rain. Report 3 ½ inches. A heavy downpour. Rivers & creeks overflowed. Tank dams broke and gone out. Fields covered with water. Great loss from crops: Dallas, Ft Worth & Graham badly damaged by rain.

September 24, 1957

Eisenhower orders federal troops in Little Rock, Arkansas; just foolish thoughts. A race trouble can’t be settled by integration. Our people have been fortunate in the race question. But with world changes, another course will likely be adopted.

December 25, 1957

Christmas Day.

January 1958

A very mild pleasant wea ther. Mostly clear.

February 1958

Ano ther mild day. Very likely to be dry month.

March 1958

Cloudy. Rain promise.

April 2, 1958

Cyclone strikes Wichita Falls. Seen on TV. It does over a million dollars damage. Some homes demolished. One man killed, 13 injured. We saw the storm as it was traveling. Reported to have 3 funnels.

May 1958

Clear. A little hazy.

June 9, 1958

L W FIELDS no. 2 well came in. Norman well no. 2: 206 barrels in approximately 12 or 13 hours. Drilled by Carbon Black Company.

June 1958

Clear. A sign of showers.

December 25, 1958

Warm & sunshine. No clouds. A full moon rising at 9:54 eve[ning]: an old wea ther sign. A light moon, a light crop. LENA DEAVER GOWDY, Wichita Falls.

December 26, 1958

Cloudy. Mild wea ther.

December 27, 1958

Clear. Cool but mild wea ther.

December 28, 1958

Warm & sunshine.

December 29, 1958

Clear but cold wave comes in late eve[ning].

December 30, 1958

Snow with cold spell.

December 31, 1958

Snow on ground. A cold spell. Blizzard from west plains.

January 1, 1959

Warm. Clear sky.

January 2, 1959

Cold. Temperature freezing. Thin clouds.

January 3, 1959

Wea ther very cold. Temperature: 5 degrees above zero. A blizzard [with] cold wind.

January 4, 1959

1 [degree] on January 4, 1959 at Graham. So likely ours are the same. This is a record, I think.

December 25, 1959

Christmas Day, 1959. A very nice day. No cloudy wea ther so for January 1960, some rainfall [is forecast].

December 26, 1959

More cloudiness but a nice day.

December 27, 1959

Clear skies; no sign of rain.

December 28, 1959

Clear skies. Hazy but dry wea ther in spring [is forecast].

December 29, 1959

Sky mostly clear late evening. Clouds in southwest. No rain = May.

April 20, 1960

JERLEAN CORDELL baby was killed on April 20, 1960. Falling and car ran over her head. Her funeral held in Baptist Church, Graham.

April 22, 1960

A large crowd at funeral. Her name: BEVERLY ANN CORDELL. Her fa ther: ELMER CORDELL, mo ther: JERLEAN CORDELL, her bro ther LARRY CORDELL, sister: SHARON CORDELL, her grandmo ther: GERTRUDE MCLANE.

No date

Names of people I have known but sometimes it is difficult to remember. AURNO LASATER descendant of pioneers buried at Jacksboro. ARMINDA HORTON TIMMONS & VIRIGINA. ARMINDA married ZACK TIMMONS from Young County. His fa ther, a judge for many years in Young County. TONI HORTON, fa ther of girls. [He] was judge for a number of years and also many offices in Jack County.


GUY FIELDS officers – February 1943

E J KLECKNER, Lt Col. Finance officer

E G C MALLORY – Assist. post personnel officer

G C GRAHAM, Colonel Infantry

Pvt GUY L FIELDS, CO 73 Bn, 15th Regt, Little Rock, Ark.

Pvt GUY L FIELDS, CO D, 51st Bn, 11th Regt., Camp Robinson, Ark

Cpl C L FIELDS, 38037071, HQ CO 142 Inf Regt, 36 Div, Camp Edwards, Mass

PFC EDWIN W FIELDS, 753rd (M) Tank BN, Camp Pickett, Va

PFC EDWIN W FIELDS 38115278, 753rd Tank Battalion (M); APO No 700 HQ CO New York, New York c/o Postmaster

PFC JOE J KINCAID 20822930 Tr B, 12th Cav; APO No 4552 c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Cal.

Pvt ROBERT W FIELDS, CO D, 35th Engineer Regt, APO 910 c/o Postmaster, Seattle, Wash.

Pvt ROBERT W FIELDS CO D, 35th Engineer Regt, Camp White, Ore.

Pvt ORBIN G FIELDS, 289th QM Refrig CO, Ft Benning, Ga.

Pvt ORBIN G FIELDS, 283rd, Refrig CO, Ft Benning, Ga.

CLYDE ODELL TRIPP, CO 64, Prov. Tr. Bn., Camp Travis, Tex.

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